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Variable resistor made by repeated steps of epitaxial deposition and lithographic structuring of oxide layers by using wet chemical etchants

Published: Jan. 22, 2013

Variable resistors were constructed from epitaxial $\ce{SrRuO3}$ (SRO), $\ce{La_{0.67}Sr_{0.33}MnO3}$ (LSMO) and $\ce{SrTiO3}$ layers with perovskite crystal structure. Each layer was patterned separately by lithographic methods. Optimized wet chemical etchants and several polishing steps in organic solvents allowed good epitaxy of subsequent layers, comparable to epitaxy on pristine substrates. Periodate as the oxidizing agent for SRO and iodide with ascorbic acid as the reducing agents for LSMO were used to attack these chemically resistant oxides. The final devices changed their conductance in a similar manner to previously described variable resistors that were defined with shadow masks.

This article was originally published in Thin Solid Films (2013)

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