Currently I am working as a freelance consultant for product management and thin film technology at Bond Consulting. Professionally I am interested in all aspects of product management, product development and materials science. In my free time I like sailing, trekking, cooking, music, gardening and house plants.

About Materials Science and Engineering

Cell phones highlight in my opinion the peak of today's technology. Practically all subject areas of science and technology play a role in one way or the other. The casing is usually made of precisely formed high-strength plastics. The battery uses complex electrochemical processes to convert electrical energy into chemical energy and back. Some cell phones use organic light-emitting semiconductors in displays. They contain fast microprocessors with ultra-low power consumption that run complex software. They connect to the world with a powerful radio communication and network protocol. And all this in a small and cheap device that is easy to use for people who don't know anything about the inside workings!

Materials science contributes a lot to devices like this. It deals with every aspect of materials and how they work together in complex applications. The focus is on scientific and engineering issues, but economic, environmental, legal and ethical aspects are playing a role as well. This complexity and the holistic approach across the borders of all traditional disciplines is what fascinates me again and again. Only with such a broad view is it possible to get an idea how everything works together.